Resources For Learning Ruby on Rails

I'm on a journey to learn Ruby and RoR (Ruby on Rails). I've been meaning to learn more about it for some time but instead resisted the awkward feeling of a new language in favour of creating a Rails like framework in PHP called Phurb. Talk about finding a way to put things off!

This post is my attempt at compiling a list of all the tools and wonderful sites that I'm using to help me get "there". Where is "there"? Well, writing some great Ruby code of course!

Try Ruby

Okay so this is not about Ruby on Rails but really you should probably start here before using Rails which is written in Ruby don't you think? Try Ruby good introduction to the language nevertheless. Try Ruby was one of the first places I saw you being able to run Ruby code from the comfort of your own browser. Try Ruby presents you with a description of code and then asks you to perform some task by writing actual Ruby code - a great idea indeed! My only gripe is that it's line by line entry of code so it can become a little tedious but stick at it as it's a good place to start.

Rails for Zombies

Though I wasn't really a fan of the "Zombies" element the short introduction to rails was great! Maybe I started to warm a little towards the end. Anyhow Rails for Zombies is similar to Try Ruby's interactive approach but better. Like Try Ruby, Rails for Zombies sets you tasks which you must complete by writing and running Ruby code in your browser but unlike Try Ruby you can edit the code in a web based text editor and you get very nice video tutorials before each lab. I think this is a really good starting point for a rails introduction.


Lovely free text based tutorials. I first came across this site a couple of years ago when I was just having a little peak at rails. Foolishly I didn't continue my learning back then otherwise I might be a RoR sensei by now! A wide range of rails topics are covered here. I also find this to be a great progression from the first two sites, particularly the Getting Started Guide which walks you through your creating your first Rails app. With the knowledge you've gained from Rails for Zombies running through this should be a breeze!


There are some very good Ruby/RoR videos on PeepCode including some lovely looking videos for Rails 3 which regrettably I have not watched yet but no doubt will over the coming month. The videos are a little expensive but very well put together with full source code available. Very good for the visual learner and much more depth than the first to resources mentioned.

And so...

That's your lot for now. I'll add more resources to the list as and when I uncover them on my journey for Rails mastery.